Monday, June 4, 2018


We had a really nice weekend! It finally cooled down a bit yesterday and it was really productive. 

On Friday while I was at work, Habitat for Humanity came and picked up all the remaining items from our garage sale. This means I finally had somewhat of a garage again!
Saturday morning was the last dance class for Elden and Edith before their recital and summer break. I got their sibling picture back - Jon asked me if this was the best they could do and given the fact that Elden smirked for a fraction of a second but otherwise had his back to the camera the day of the photos I say yes. Yes it is.
My sister flew home for the weekend to get her house ready to sell. I took Elden and Edith over there during quiet time so they could see her. When we were leaving they both exclaimed how much they were starving so I got them McDonalds. With full bellies, they both fell asleep at some point during the 35-minute ride home.
Since my sister is selling her house to move out of state to a still-determined location, she decided to get rid of most of her furniture. She already gave us her dining set and a trundle bed set, and if that wasn't generous enough she also gave us her bedroom set. I brought some home Saturday then Jon and his dad went for the rest in the evening. While they were gone I frantically disassembled our set and moved it to the garage so that when they got back they could bring it right upstairs for me to setup.
Saturday night I went on a shopping spree at Gymboree for next season for the kids. I scored a ton of clearance items and got an additional 30% off, plus I got to shop with two of the moms from the kids' dance class. For about $100 I walked away with 30 items, most of which were pants--so I was really excited. Elden and Edith are mostly set now through next winter and Etta was always set since she gets Edith's hand-me-downs.

Sunday morning I taught in the big kids' Sunday School class. Etta has had a runny nose lately so Jon stayed home with her. When we got home from church I had a meltdown because we had no food in the house to make a meal that sounded appealing. After much irrationality I ran to the corner store for potatoes and made loaded potato bowls with mashed potatoes, black beans, corn, barbecue sauce and cheese. It was SO GOOD.
After nap/quiet time we headed to Jon's parent's for a bit. Edith fell asleep on the way there...can you tell she wasn't ready to switch nap time with quiet time?
 Etta got into the Skittles and held them in her hand for--no exaggeration--half an hour. Here is her Skittle hand:
 Edith had an ice cream sandwich after dinner and looked a lot like a hobo.
 When we got home, the kids were dying to try out their new splash pad (we got the 60" slippery slime mat). The old one died last weekend after three years of heavy use. We were super impressed with the size and quality of the new one!
It was a great way to end the weekend!

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