Thursday, July 5, 2018

4th of july {2018}

We had an incredibly hot Fourth of July this year. Humidity percentages were in the 80s and the temperature got up to around 96F. First thing in the morning we went outside to set off some smoke bombs and play with poppers.
Around 10 am, we continued our annual tradition of heading to a local small town parade. Knowing we would be there for a while, we packed a picnic lunch of sandwiches and apple slices.
This particular route has very little shade so we knew to bring a big umbrella with us while we waited! We also setup shop in front of a bank so that we could head over to the drive-thru ATM area for shade.
rosy cheeks galore

 Fun fact: Etta looks like she's smiling in the photos where she's holding Edith's hand but she's really squawking angrily at her, trying to get her to run away. You can see the irritation in Etta's face more in the second photo.

happily eating an apple slice
This parade is awesome. The kids get hoards of candy and it's always the good stuff--I'm not talking about non-stop Tootsie Rolls (hork), but Skittles, Blow Pops, Dots, etc.
Once we got home from the parade we did some sparklers then nap and quiet time. For dinner we grilled out at home and Jon's parents stopped by afterwards for a little bit. It was perfectly low key and Elden said it was the best 4th of July he's ever had, so I'm going to take that as a cue to make every 4th this low key!

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