Wednesday, July 18, 2018

garden update

There for a while it looked like our 2018 garden would be a big failure. Our yard is pretty shaded so it's very challenging for us to grow plants. Between the shade, deer, and insects our garden did nothing last year.

This year has been going better! Still not what we had hoped (we had cauliflower and broccoli that didn't make it, for instance) but leaps and bounds better than last year. Here's what we have growing so far:
This is a pumpkin plant that is straight up out of control. It's pretty funny because it resulted from me pushing Edith's rotting painted pumpkin off the porch last year and leaving it. This accidental pumpkin is the most thriving plant in our garden. This fact is extra ridiculous when considering this spot gets minimal sunlight and minimal rain. It is huge with many blossoms so we will see if we actually grow our own pumpkins this year.

 Last year our cucumber plants got attacked by cucumber beatles and died. We have a single cucumber plant this year but it's looking like we will get at least a few.

 These tomatoes...totally look like a scrotum. So there's that.

 We have a few hot pepper plants that are doing well!

 Jon transplanted our strawberry plants in front of our grape trellis and we have gotten a handful of fruit. They are small and sour but that's to be expected the first season of harvest.

Grapes! We planted three grape varities a few summers ago. It takes a few seasons to get fruit but one of our vines is producing this year! I'm pretty excited to try these.

The handful of strawberries I harvested yesterday.

We also harvested some raspberries, radishes and lettuce. We have a few zucchini and squash plants doing well also and we will be planting garlic, kale and Brussels sprouts when it gets a bit cooler. Given the fact this summer has been on and off hot and cold, I'm super excited about our harvest. Unfortunately our blueberry patch is worse for the wear and we lost at least 3 plants. I may try to relocate the survivors this fall.

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