Monday, July 2, 2018

monday catch up

When isn't life super busy? Today I headed into work at 5:45 am because Etta has an audiologist appointment to rule out hearing trouble as a cause of her delayed speech. Between house projects, work, doctor's visits, etc. I am wiped!
^My friend, Amy, sent this picture in a group chat and I have never ever ever seen anything more fitting in my life than that one image.

Elden did safety town last week and had the best time of his life. He's still sad it's over so next summer I will be trying to enroll him (and Edith) in all the day camps.

While big bro was at safety town, these little ladies explored the local park system with Dad. 

 We finally started to paint downstairs! My college roomies are coming to visit in a few weeks and my goal is to have all the painting done by the time they arrive! The color we ended up choosing (after about 3 million swatches and a lot of flip flopping) is ancient marble by Sherwin Williams.

 During safety town graduation, baby honey badger was not being very cooperative so I had to bust out the Messenger filters.
 Edith can't stop talking about her turn for safety town (in 2 years).
For the first time in over a year and a half, this little lady curled up next to me and took a nap. Oh my goodness, it was bliss. The only thing better than taking a nap is taking a nap with your babes.

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