Friday, July 20, 2018

six on friday

{1} Last weekend Angela and Kaycee came to visit for the second year in a row and it was just as magical as the year prior. I am so grateful for their friendships and hope to visit them in Chicago next year!

{2} I scored this wreath from Target for half off. I'm not sure whether I love it or hate it yet.

 {3} The kids love when Jon takes them hiking in the forest. I got this photo from earlier in the week.

 {4} A few mornings back Edith ran into our room with great excitement to show me her outfit of the day--my childhood dance recital costume and a tiara. Love her spunk.

 {5} Jon and I made vegan BBQ chickpea salad with vegan rach dressing this week and it was so delicious and easy! This is a new staple of ours.

{6} The only favorite thing about this one is the fact that it is nearly done. Jon and I are getting ready to lay laminate in the foyer, front room and dining room since they are all connected with huge openings. There used to be two 80s railings separating the foyer and front room so we took those out. We also started removing the carpet from the dining and front rooms. Last night at 9 pm we discovered the laminate had cement board beneath it which had vinyl beneath it which had luan beneath it which had a million nails, staples and glue holding it to the subfloor. After 3 hours of intense labor all that remains is to the left of the stairs. We are very tired and sore today.

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  1. New flooring, how exciting. I am sorry it took so much intense labor and hope the stairs go smooth. I hope you have a great weekend!