Tuesday, August 7, 2018

elden's 6th birthday recap

What a weekend it was celebrating Elden. I took Friday off work. He requested Mickey pancakes for breakfast and opened his gifts from us (a Nerf gun, a dinosaur and a Geckobot) while waiting for them to cook.
After breakfast we went to Build A Bear--we used the $15 off coupons from the pay your age day fiasco (and no--we didn't wait in line that day, nor go within 100 feet of the mall).
For lunch, Elden requested McDonald's. Our McDonald's was newly remodeled with a beautifully clean play area so the kids played and ate and it was actually quite lovely.

For dinner, Elden requested a specific macaroni and cheese he had picked out at the store. He's pretty easy to please :)

Elden's family celebration was Saturday. He picked out ice cream cake and Pizza Hut, and we were under strict no singing, no clapping, no cheering instructions when it came time to blow out his candles (fun fact - we haven't sung Happy Birthday to him since his second birthday because he hates it). 

He loved all his gifts and family (we FaceTimed my sister who's flight got cancelled so she couldn't make it) there to love on him. It was truly a sweet celebration of his birthday.

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