Wednesday, August 22, 2018

first day of kindergarten

Elden was so excited to take the bus and start school! We made chocolate waffles for breakfast. He got himself dressed and teeth brushed as soon as he woke up!
When it was time to wait for the bus he had a big case of the jitters and I really thought he would back out of it. I was wrong! He hopped on happily and smiled as the bus drove off. I cried a bit but mostly held it together by pretending it wasn't happening. Healthy coping mechanism and all that.
When we waited for him to get off the bus at the end of his session I got really nervous. I had originally told his teacher he would be picked up and dropped off by us every day but he changed his mind at the last minute. Even though I put a note in his folder saying he'd be a bus rider I was worried she didn't see it and he was sitting alone by himself somewhere, sad and freaked out. Thankfully the bus was just running a little late and when it pulled up to our spot a very happy little guy hopped off.
Elden had a great first day. I laughed really hard when he told me that in music class two girls were dancing "and me and one of my boy friends said, 'girls do not make sense to us.'" When he got off the bus we had lunch waiting because he's not used to going so long without at least one snack--he inhaled his food. This morning Elden woke up excited to go back and would have been waiting for the bus half an hour early had we let him. I hope his joy surrounding learning never ceases.

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