Thursday, August 23, 2018

first day of preschool

Before I get into the first day of preschool I need to share this pic - my mom made this dress for Edith from one of Jon's old dress shirts! How freaking cute is she!?
 For her first day of school, Edith originally wanted to wear a dress. However, we realized she tends to get completely naked when she goes to the bathroom if she's in a dress (she's afraid it'll get in the toilet which - as an adult female - is legit) so she decided to wear a skort and shirt instead.
 Of course I had to take a few sibling photos.
Etta quickly realized a sibling photo was being taken without her so she jumped into the frame with THE BEST cheese face ever.
Originally Edith told us she didn't want us to walk her to her class but we begged her to let us she changed her mind so we walked her in. She was so excited to go but you could also see the nerves on her face and she mentioned her stomach felt a little sick. She is one of very few girls in her class so I suspect she will have a very limited friend group (she is very much in the I don't like boys camp in this stage of life) but she had a great first day and is so happy to finally be in school.

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