Friday, August 10, 2018

five on friday {and an announcement}

 {1} Edith thinks Elden is the funniest person on the planet. He loves his little audience at the dinner table and will do everything he can to make her laugh. He is always successful.

 {2} We used the delikatesse cucumbers we grew in the garden and dill from Babcia's garden to make this week's batch of refrigerator pickles. Mind bogglingly good.

 {3} With food being on the brain, I made this Mexican-style street corn dip. It's not really a dip so much as a corn salsa but it was so good and so easy to make! I will definitely be adding it to the rotation for entertaining.

 {4} Aunt Jacqui is currently in Maine with work. She has been sending the kids a care package from each location she goes on assignment to and I think it's one of their favorite new traditions. This assignment's package included salt water taffy and cute little lobster soap. They'd much rather have Aunt Jacqui here but I think this is a good consolation prize. :)

{5} It feels SO PRETENTIOUS to write about this, especially in this manner, but here it is. I had mentioned about a year ago some big changes coming and then never really mentioned it again because life happens and the timing wasn't right. So when my friend offered me a full-time job at his company this week it caught me totally by surprise. Jon and I talked about it extensively, made several budgets/financial scenarios, and prayed about it and decided to take the leap. I'll really miss my current company and coworkers, but this just seems like the right move for us right now.

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  1. Congratulations on the new gig! Startups are definitely scary, but being in on the ground floor of something great is also exciting. Engineering also never goes out of style, so that's comforting to know in case it isn't quite as you expect.

    Also, thanks for dip link. Totally trying that soon!