Friday, August 17, 2018

five on friday

{1} Heather and Paul came over with their kids for dinner last Friday. Our kids all play together so well and their birth years perfectly coordinate - Lilly, Elden, Josiah, Edith, Abigail, Etta, and Dori. The kids didn't want the play date to end and neither did we!

 {2} Etta and Abigail are both the third child of their families. Their personalities couldn't be more similar and we both refer to them as our walking middle fingers because they do not care--they do what they want. It was no surprise they would connect and love spending the night together. 

 {3} Elden starts kindergarten next week and he's excited but also pretty anxious about it. He doesn't know any of the kids in his class but he's also been doing a much better job of asking kids to play or asking to join kids that are already playing so I'm hopeful he'll make some friends quickly.

{4} Edith is 100% all in on preschool. On Monday night she met her teacher and at one point we actually had to go retrieve her because she had cornered her poor teacher for about 7 minutes straight to talk her ear off. She cannot wait to start school.

{5} New shoes. Etta found Edith's gold glitter flats from Sally's wedding last fall and is always trying to leave the house in them, but they are way too big for her feet. I had a $10 off $10 promo code for Gymboree so I went to the store last night once the kids were in bed and found these flats (except they were only 6.99 in the store). They only had a size 6 and while she was able to squeeze into them she probably needs a size 7 so I'm guessing sucker me will be buying a bigger size online! Etta was SO EXCITED when she woke up this morning and found them, though.

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  1. Those flats are the cutest!! Hope the first day is wonderful for them both! I am a little curious to see our #3’s personality emerge. It’s starting to and he’s got a temper already! Haha!