Friday, August 31, 2018

five on friday

I started my new job this week and it's been a whirlwind--I had two networking events and a small conference to attend all in the first five days! I'm really excited about my future here (it's a medical device startup company founded by my grad school friend) and the company itself. It's definitely an adjustment but one perk to the job is I get to watch the Blue Angels practice for Cleveland's air show right outside my office window.

 {1} Etta is obsessed with all things bubbles. The other day I said something to Jon about a bubble bath and his eyes got wide and said "don't say the b-word around Etta!" because she will pitch a fit if she catches wind of something relating to bubbles and doesn't get to blow them. We're pretty sure we will be buying her a bubble machine for her birthday.

 {2} Picture day! We let the kids pick their own outfits and background colors. Elden's top tooth was probably super janky in the photo (it was hanging on by a thread and probably twisted *cringes*) but I can't help but smile at their individuality and desire to be dressed fancy.

 {3} It was really stormy the other day and while we were watching the front blow in the kids ran and got their binoculars to check out the clouds. It seems so dark--this was only around 3:30 pm!

{4} Speaking of janky teeth... it fell out last night! Elden was so excited that the tooth fair brought him "a whole dollar!" and I hope he never loses his enthusiasm for the little things in life.

{5} Etta is the family bully and the older kids spend many of their afternoons lamenting her antics, but Elden has SUCH a soft spot for her when she's not on a rampage. He reached out to hold her hand while we walked to the bus the other morning and it was so sweet.

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  1. Bubbles!!! I don’t care how old they get, bubbles are always a favorite!! Happy Weekend!

  2. Your son in the bow tie is just the cutest! How fun that they picked out their own picture outfits. Hope you have a wonderful week! Tanya - The Other Side of the Road