Monday, August 20, 2018

kindergarten eve

Today we had kindergarten and preschool orientation. Last night I was a total mess. Something about the realization that this is it for Elden--he'll either be in school or working for the majority of the rest of his life. His childhood ends with the first day of kindergarten (and yes, that's dramatic and overstated but let me live my life). I'm already worrying about the first time someone is mean to him or the first time he's rejected or the first time his heart breaks. I hate that my ability to smother protect him is now decreasing rapidly.

We started the day with Dunkin Donuts for breakfast.
Then the big kids got dressed in the clothes they picked out last night. Both asked Jon to do their hair.
I took Elden to his orientation and Jon took the girls to Edith's. Elden practiced riding in the bus around the parking lot and quickly decided he wanted to take the bus to school instead of have us pick him up and drop him off. (we'll see if this lasts)
When he was with me, though, he barely let go of me. No complaints here.
By the end of orientation, Elden was still nervous but also getting excited. Edith was thrilled by the entire thing from the beginning. Etta was her typical atomic bomb self (and the only child of my 3 who willing posed with the props in the front of the school).
Elden's first day is tomorrow, Edith's is Wednesday. If the past 2 days have been any indication, I will need a lot of tissues the next few days!

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