Thursday, August 16, 2018

mixed diet aldi meal plan #5

I fell off the wagon for a hot second but I'm back!

Dinner: Homemade potato gnocchi in a butternut squash sage sauce
Groceries: none (already have everything)

Groceries: avocado, cilantro, can of black beans (have everything else as our household staples)

Dinner: 'Chik'n' patty sandwiches, burgers for the kids, corn on the cob
Groceries: vegan chicken patties (on special buy at Aldi this week), buns, corn on the cob, ground beef

Dinner: Vegan potstickers, edamame, brown rice
Groceries: pot stickers (on special buy at Aldi this week)

Lunch: Sweet potato tacos
Groceries: sweet potatoes

Dinner: Leftovers
Groceries: none

Dinner: Vegan cream of broccoli soup
Groceries: broccoli, celery

Groceries: kale, can of chickpeas, pepitas

Groceries: cauliflower

Aldi has several awesome special buys for our vegan / dairy-free family members this week so we are also buying vegan ranch and we will likely stock up on some of the vegan frozen items. Cantaloupe is 99 cents per melon so we will also be buying that because Jon and the girls devour it (Elden and I hate it). 

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