Wednesday, August 8, 2018

raising cane's chicken in northeast ohio!

Raising Cane's is a fast food chicken finger restaurant with quite the cult following. Up until this week, the closest one to Cleveland was in Columbus, but that all changed yesterday with Raising Cane's grand opening in Strongsville!

I was invited to the soft opening to give it a try and I totally understand what the hype was about now. The restaurant had a really great local vibe with decor from Cleveland hung throughout.
Their menu only has four variations of food items: chicken strips (which can be turned into combos, including a sandwich combo), crinkle fries, coleslaw, and Texas Toast--so you know they must do those items really well.
Jon--always the saint--came along depsite being vegan to check out the restaurant and help feed the kids. The kids happily sipped on orange soda (the bigs) and fruit punch (the littlest), though they also served homemade sweet tea and lemonade!
 When I brought the food to the table the kids couldn't wait for it to cool down so they could dig in.
Fun story - Edith grabbed this chicken strip and posed for me without me asking. I don't know if that's really awesome or really depressing and I think I need to take a break from my phone for a bit!
I got the box combo. It also came with Cane's sauce which - I don't know how to describe it exactly besides 'really really good.' The kids will often dip their chicken in ranch dressing so be warned that Cane's only has Cane's sauce and ketchup. That being said, neither of my bigs asked for ranch and didn't appear to miss it as they inhaled their chicken without any dip.
Etta was all about Cane's. Jon asked which I like more--Raising Cane's or Chick-Fil-A--and honestly that's a really hard question to answer. Their chicken is very different--the best I can describe it is Cane's is really light and fluffy whereas CFA is very dense. However, I was craving Cane's while at the gym last night if that's any indication as to my preference. If you're local to Northeast Ohio, Raising Cane's is located at 14356 Pearl Road. Their hours and more information can be found here.

Note: our family received complementary food and drink in exchange for this blog post. All opinions shared are mine.

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