Friday, August 3, 2018


Oh my goodness. Six. years. old.

I can't believe you are six. I know I always say it but that's because it's true: the days are SO long and the years are SO short. 

Elden: at six years old you amaze me every day. You have your challenging moments but we see your kind, empathetic side most often. You drew Edith a picture for your birthday so she would have a little something, too. You two are inseparable--always plotting your next big adventure and playing pretend. I really hope you remain this close as you get older. Even though Edith is your companion, you have no shortage of love and adoration left for Etta. You frequently remark how cute she is and how much you love her. 

You have become more independent lately. Washing dishes, cleaning up without being asked, brushing your teeth and getting out of the shower. While it's incredibly liberating to not have to help you with every task, it's bittersweet to see that you don't need me as much as you used to.

You're also growing like a weed. I can't believe how tall you are and how much older your face looks now. Even though you are getting older you still love to cuddle and be tickled and read to. You are definitely our most sensitive child and that totally feeds into your empathy. You love to sing along with Jack Johnson or the Moana soundtrack in the van and you know the numbers for each of your favorite songs. You just discovered Nerf guns but you also love playing with sticks and rocks. You love looking at books and you're starting to read simple words on your own without our help. 

Every day you grow in a multitude of ways. Every day I am so glad you're my son. Happy birthday, Elden. Dad and I love you so much.

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