Tuesday, September 25, 2018

apple picking 2018

This year we went with Heather and Paul + crew to our local orchard to get some apples!

Right when we got there, the kids were just thrilled at the prospect.
*lest you think Etta was happy, this was mid-cryscream
 Things turned around once we got our hands on some apples. I present: Etta's cheese face:
 Not pictured: the 15 other photos of Etta's very similar cheese face.

Things got even better when the besties arrived:

And of course, a family picture or two:

We left with a pumpkin, an outrageous amount of apples and a few honey sticks from the little shop. It was chilly but the kids had a good time overall!

Monday, September 24, 2018

mixed diet aldi meal plan #8

Groceries: corn, lettuce (we have everything else)

Dinner: vegetable stir fry
Groceries: Brussels sprouts, snow peas, broccoli

Dinner: leftovers
Groceries: none

Dinner: vegan crunchwrap supreme
Groceries: extra firm tofu, raw cashews, can diced green chiles, burrito torillas, corn tostada 

Dinner: vegan twice baked potatoes
Groceries: cauliflower, red lentils

Lunch: vegan pho
Groceries: celery, button mushrooms, vegetable broth, brown rice noodles, pea pods, bok choy

Dinner: leftovers
Groceries: none

life lately

A few weeks ago, one of the big kids' friends had her 5th birthday party at the local trampoline park! The kids had the time of their lives and loved celebrating Kyndal.

 All tuckered out. Not going to lie, family naps in the big bed might just be my new favorite thing.

That same weekend we celebrated Abigail's birthday! Etta and Abigail are besties. Etta still doesn't talk much but one of her favorite words is 'Abigail' and Abigail seems to like her too. Abigal is one of Heather and Paul's kids. If you are new to this space, Heather and Paul are two of our closest friends and a huge part of why we met way back in 2006. Paul and Jon grew up down the street from each other and their kids and our kids all alternate birthdays and are almost all exactly 1 year apart from the next kid. Their personalities are freakishly similar by birth year and it's been such a joy seeing our babies befriend one another!

 Paul 3.0 and Jon 3.0:
 Heather 1.0 and Danielle 1.0:

 Meal time with Etta has been a bit... extra. She is quite a diva and likes trying new things. Since she has FPIES to dairy I have been trying to brainstorm some new food. Enter this dairy-free quiche. It was so good!!

 I was on a cleaning rampage last night. We had routers and cables galore on our mantel so I finally cleaned that up a bit. I also swept, mopped and organized. We ran to Aldi and got a really nice wire shelving unit for $30 that we set up in the basement for some of our lesser used kitchen appliances and pantry staples and that made a HUGE difference in our organization. We want to buy a second one because you can never be too organized.

Friday, September 21, 2018

friday favorites

Note: I'm really trying to improve the kids' privacy in this space--especially the older two--so you will likely be seeing way less pictures of them here. So if you notice the only pictures I usually share are of Etta (until she gets a bit bigger) that's why.

 {1} Jon made coconut curry with brown rice the other day. Generally speaking, I really dislike curry. I've tried it multiple times and it just wasn't my favorite. This dish, though, blew me away! I'm trying to get him to write down the recipe so I can share it here. Etta was also a huge fan and stole my plate.

 {2} This is less a favorite and more of a because of course it did. The other night we were streaming Jersey Shore Family Reunion on the laptop. We had it connected to the TV. Ever since we got my sister's huge tv, our media area has been a mess. The laptop was sitting on top of the router which was on top of the mantle. It was dark. The signal was terrible so I decided to try to rearrange the mantle. Apparently, I had left a knife up there who knows how long ago. While I was rearranging, the knife fell (I didn't even see it fall) point side down and stabbed me in the foot. While I was looking down (and bent over) at my knife wound, a tall glass votive I had on the mantle proceeded to fall and clubbed me in the back of the head. Thankfully it didn't shatter until it hit the ground, but I was barefoot so Jon had to bring my (dirty, apologies) sandals so I could clean up. The good news is we have really terrible knives so I barely got injured (that streak is actually blood from the pin-hole sized injury from when I slipped my sandals on)--just my pride. My house is revolting.

 {3} Since Jon is vegan I very rarely cook meat. In keeping with that tradition, I failed to prep the pot roast the night before so Jon got to cook our meat this week. Gotta say--vegan knows how to cook. (If anyone wants the recipe this was easy - 2 c.broth, salt, pepper, 1 tsp. parsley, 4 cloves smashed garlic, 1 quartered onion, 3 tbsp. tomato paste, 3 bay leaves and the roast all put in the slow cooker on low for - however long it takes). 

 {4} Elden and Edith have been particularly into drawing lately. They discovered my heart hole punch in the basement and have decided to work that into their art. Elden actually sold his first drawings ever last night - he sold one titled "Chicken Fingers" (which was a tracing of his hand and each finger was a chicken head) to Jon for ten cents and then two drawings to Jon's parents--I think he sold both of those for twenty-five cents total. So if anyone wants an original drawing by our sweet 6-year-old, drop me a line and I'll hit up the artist. He does commissions, too.

{5} Thank you, Dunkin Rewards, for this free and much needed almond milk pumpkin latte after my miserable night's sleep last night. You are definitely a favorite.

{6} Jon has now snuck two love notes into my lunch bag in the past week. Lest you think our marriage is nothing but roses and secret love notes, this is him putting the effort in after a long conversation (which was the result of a big fight) we had a few weeks ago. Yes, I am also making an effort in specific areas, too. The fact that he has gone out of his way to do this knowing I had spoken of my need for--for lack of a better term--non-sexual intimacy, makes it all the sweeter. Marriage is super hard, guys. We are always learning and our needs are always evolving and sometimes your spouse decides to be vegan and you cry a lot. The key is to never think of giving up as an option (except in very valid circumstances such as abuse).

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Monday, September 17, 2018

mixed diet aldi meal plan #7

Nothing like starting a new job to totally turn your world upside down. I am still finding my footing and trying to establish a good schedule that balances our lives. Meal planning has majorly fallen by the wayside since I the new job but that's probably the biggest area I need to get back on track with, so here we are! Other than being a bit hectic with back to school, dance classes, new job, etc. everything is going well on the home front. The kids are great, loving school and have been spending a ton of time going to birthday parties and doing fun things.

Dinner: spaghetti squash with chickpeas and spinach (I am using this recipe but subbing spinach for kale)
Groceries: spinach, shallot

Dinner: Creamy vegan potato soup with vegan bacon
Groceries: celery, carrots, garlic

Dinner: pot roast with mashed potatoes, corn and gravy (Jon is making himself curry this night)
Groceries: beef, corn

Dinner: vegan sweet potato tacos
Groceries: lettuce

Dinner: leftovers
Groceries: none

Lunch: pizza
Groceries: cheese

Dinner: spaghetti, garlic bread, salad
Groceries: baguette, radishes

Friday, September 7, 2018

affordable friday amazon finds

I've been doing a LOT of window shopping now that fall is approaching and I thought I'd share some of my favorite finds!

 How cute is this deer tutu dress!? Edith would love it. Size 5 is currently less than $7. 

This fuzzy women's pullover looks SO warm, not to mention adorable! Some colors/sizes (light grey, small for instance) are only $14.99!

This dress is currently available as an add-on item in size large for $4.99!

This dress is $7.99 with free shipping on orders more than $25.

I need this shirt. It's less than $7 and highly rated.

There are tons of children's items on Amazon right now for less than $3 a piece. You can see more of these items here. This particular shirt can be found here.

There are tons of fall children's books on sale for less than $8 right now. Click here to view a full list. Here is a direct link to the book pictured.

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